Vanishing Mist

Submitted by Eileen on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 11:21
Hendred Mist

Hendred Mist disappeared almost as soon as it descended.  Or to put it another way épuisé, ausverkauft, wyprzedany, vendido a peso, esaurito, распроданный, 売切れの, 某 物 全 部 卖 光 ,يَبِيعُ كُلُّ التَّذَاكِر , uitverkocht.  The Madeleine Angevine vines are thriving in the fertile limey soil, producing these little green gems of juicy splendour.   To satisfy this demand the vineyard expansion will continue again this year with vines from the nursery planted out in the coming months.   Interestingly, Hendred Mist has wet the whistle extremely locally - with most wine picked up by people who live within a few miles.