Mice to welcome you

Submitted by Eileen on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 15:30

East Hendred is well known for its creative villagers with skills in crafting, sometimes making scarecrows or other decorations but mostly for their knitting.  An imaginative range of creations are dotted around the village which are a delight to see and growing by the day.  These mice were abandoned in the village shop and followed us home.  We don't know who created them, but thought it would be mice to let them join in the woolliness taking over the village.  Mrs mouse is partial to Hendred Brut but Mr mouse doesn't care for wine - he spends his days watching the birds.  Neither of them like the rain so they only come out when the sun shines.  Some knitted grapes were found on our daughters craft table a while ago - she has been afflicted with the knitting bug too.