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Hendred Vineyard is on the sloping ground to the west of the village of East Hendred, one of the spring line villages in the Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire, England.  Over the years, award-winning still and sparkling wines have been produced from grapes grown here. 

This family-run vineyard was originally established in 1972 by the pioneering McKinnon family and flourished with help from local expert Biagio Grillo and now covers approximately three acres consisting of Pinot Noir, Seyval Blanc and Madeleine Angevine varieties.  David and Eileen Bell acquired the vineyard in 2014 and it continues to develop as more vines are planted. 

Grapes grown at Hendred Vineyard are taken to expert wine-makers to complete the process.  As the sparkling wine is produced in the traditional method (similar to that of Champagne) it takes years to reach full maturity.   The Hendred Brut (from the 2014 harvest) won a silver medal in the 2019 regional competition and the 2015 vintage triumphed with the 'Best Sparkling Wine' trophy (and gold medal) in the regional competition in September 2020.  Hendred Rosé from some of the deliciously sweet Pinot Noir grapes of the 2018 harvest won 'Best Rosé' in the regional competition in 2019. The Thames and Chilterns Vineyards Association incorporates over 25 vineyards, many producing superb wines, so it is an honour to be recognized among these.   A Cuvée has also been produced and a fragrant still white wine, 'Hendred Mist' is the latest addition. 

Biagio Grillo, originally from Sicily still generously offers help with the vines and orchard he helped establish.  Biagio initiated a vine nursery to preserve and rejuvinate the particular variety of Madeleine Angevine vines which produce a distinctive and incredible flavour. 

Philippe Desaint, from the South of France has a wealth of experience.  As well as helping look after the vines, he has also creatively engineered a path through a wooded area beside the vineyard where an astonishing variety of creatures live.  Among them, kingfisher, green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, heron!, roe and muntjac deer, fox, rabbit, badger.